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Comment choisir son tapis pour enfant ? Volume 2

How to choose your children's rug? Volume 2

Although many people prefer hardwood floors as their best flooring option, it is definitely not a place you would want your child rolling, crawling, running, or playing on.

In addition to aesthetics, safety concerns are the reason why many parents prefer to have a rug in their child's bedroom.

Thanks to online shopping, you have a large number of children's rugs to choose from. You can shop by colors, sizes or shapes to find the perfect nursery rug that your child will fall in love with.

When it comes to your child's comfort, there should be no compromise. So whether you're looking for the best nursery rug or a play mat for your little one, our top 10 tips for buying kids rugs have you covered.

Choose a comfortable children's rug

For your child's bedroom, select a comfortable and soft rug. Your child will spend hours on the mat playing and rolling around, so it should be comfortable enough for that. Additionally, if your child has allergies, you should choose the material carefully. For example, you can opt for a hypoallergenic material like wool which will not aggravate your child's allergies. You should also be careful about the dyes and cleaning products used on the carpet, as dangerous and toxic chemicals can irritate your children's allergies and cause other health problems.

Prioritize your child's preferences

When looking for a rug for a child's room, prioritize your child's choice. Different colors and patterns appeal to different children. If your children are reaching a certain age where they can choose for themselves, consult them during your search, after all, they are the ones who will spend most of their time around the mat. When choosing the rug your child likes, make sure it goes well with the rest of the house. However, if your child is too young to choose for themselves, opting for a primary color is the safest bet.

Opt for a non-slip mat

It goes without saying that children run on the carpet, which raises the question of safety. Therefore, non-slip rugs are always a safer choice as a rug for the baby's room. This is an even greater concern for those with polished or slippery floors. Even if you choose a traditional rug, you can use a non-slip mat underneath to make it stick to the bottom and move less.

Prioritize your child's safety

We do not neglect the safety of a child. No matter how much you like the color or how neat the pattern; If the mat compromises your child's safety, say no immediately.

Have fun with color and shape. The advantage of buying a children's rug is that there are no limits to the color and shape. You can therefore opt for the brightest color or the most extravagant shape, while still making the room pleasant to live in.

For example, a colorful rug with a large flower pattern is a great choice for a girl's rug. Like this Marguerite Rug . Or you can opt for animal shapes and regular shapes – a perfect opportunity to teach your children about shapes and animals. See this beautiful Lion Rug .

Consider educational options.

Here's your chance to kill two birds with one stone – metaphorically speaking, of course. A nursery rug doesn't have to be just for play and fun, but it can also teach your child a thing or two. This is why alphabet rugs are so popular among parents for the best nursery rugs right now. So take advantage of this excellent opportunity to educate your children while having fun. Discover our Alphabet Mat.

A children's rug should be easy to clean – and that's why you should avoid rugs with a high pile or loop woven. Loop-woven rugs can make cleaning unnecessarily complicated, as small pieces of food or other dirt can get stuck inside. Given how often you'll have to clean the carpet, this doesn't sound like fun to any parent.

See our article on solutions for cleaning your carpets .

Choose the right place and the right size

Before you start looking for children's rugs, take a look at where you will place the rug. Consider the furniture around the area and the shape of the room before purchasing. There are only a few things that are worse than an ill-fitting rug. If the mat is too small, your children won't be able to run or play on it, and if it's too big, it can pose a safety hazard. The safest thing to do here is to choose a rug size that is large enough to fit the front legs of the furniture but does not touch the back legs. If your home has unique sizing needs, you can easily customize your rug to get the perfect size. 

We hope our guide has helped you prepare and get ready to purchase the perfect children's rug for your children's room. Using this guide as a checklist for shopping online or offline will make this experience much less overwhelming and more fun. Happy Shopping !

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