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Comment choisir un tapis d'enfant ?

How to choose a children's rug?

We've all seen that classic children's rug with the roads and buildings on it, intended for little ones to spend hours getting their little cars to follow the map and obey stop signs. But buying a rug for your child's room shouldn't limit you to a certain pattern or style.

Here you will find a guide to guide you in your choices when it comes to children's rugs.

Children's room

Does my child's room need a rug?

If your child's room is generally messy, you may be wondering why you would need an area rug. A rug will provide the perfect protection for hardwood floors, or that lovely carpet that can't be replaced. Whether you own a home or rent one, kids create a lot of wear and tear throughout your home without much effort. Replacing carpets and floors can be expensive. Children's rugs are an inexpensive way to mitigate messes without hindering their creativity or enthusiasm.

These mats reduce the risk of injury to your child in the event of a sudden fall to the ground.
They offer a stain-resistant material that can resist spills or stains from pencils, paint, markers or pens.
Kids can be as rough as they want on this sturdy and reliable mat.

Does my child need a soft place to play?

When designing the perfect nursery, you want a lovely, soft rug to tie the room together. The baby needs a place to learn to crawl without hurting himself or hitting his head on the floor. So you'll need a mat to withstand all the little accidents that come with being a little kid.

Kids and babies love the textures that come with kids' rugs, so choose one that won't leave burns on their knees when they move around on it.

It can also make getting out of bed in the morning and going to bed at night a smooth experience.

Does my child need a stain-resistant rug?

Spills and stains are inevitable with children. Fortunately, there are many types of children's rugs that are machine washable, stain resistant.

  • Polypropylene rugs: are made from synthetic fibers. Not only are they stain resistant, but they are also moisture and mildew resistant. If you have pets, these mats will absorb any dirt that might end up in the room. However, the texture of these rugs is not as soft as other types of rugs.
  • Wool rugs are surprisingly stain resistant and also soft for children to play on. The mat does not act like a sponge, but prevents absorption of the stain. However, these rugs generally cannot be put in the washing machine due to the nature of the material.
  • Nylon rugs are stain resistant, durable and can last a long time. These comfortable mats provide a soft barrier between the child and the floor and resist all forms of wear and tear. Some forms of nylon rugs are safe for the washing machine, while others are not. Read the label before washing the rug.
  • Cotton rugs are natural, stain resistant, and generally machine washable. Whenever the mat gets accidentally dirty, simply roll it up and throw it in the wash. However, cotton tends to shrink in dryers, so be sure to air dry your rug instead.

Are there children's rugs suitable for their age?

An older child may want something with a different style or texture, but they will still need something durable and stain resistant . Even older children tend to fall, drop or break pens during homework sessions, or spill drinks on the floor. If your child is a little older, make a list of nursery rugs that meet your standards and let them choose the one they want from that list.

There are many ways to personalize children's rugs to suit your child's personality , whether it's a sports theme, an animal print, or just a unique blend of colors.

Children's rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and textures. Rugs can be chosen to accompany your child as they grow, or you can update the room as their needs and wants change. A rug on your child's bedroom floor can make a room warm, bright and safe for your child to live their daily life.

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